November Brave Crate: Gratitude

Everything Inside of the NOVEMBER Brave Crate!!!


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While friends and family around us are consumed with Thanksgiving grocery lists and perfecting their apple pie recipe, those of us on the home side may be dreading the lead up to this holiday season. There’s no doubt that navigating these next few months of holiday cheer without our partner can make us feel just about anything but “grateful”.

For team Brave Crate though, this month is another great opportunity to practice making the most of each moment while we count down deployment. Even as we miss our deployed loved one, we choose to find GRATITUDE each and every day. From recognizing life’s little joys to resting in the love of friends and family here at home, we hope that everything inside of this month’s Brave Crate encourages you to notice all there is to be grateful for here on the home front.

October 2018 Brave Crate Get Financially Naked

Fall Scarf by Headbands of Hope

Giving back feels GREAT (and now… it looks cute too!) Enjoy this fall scarf from Headbands of Hope knowing that you’re doing GOOD! For every item sold by Headbands of Hope, a headband is donated to a child with an illness. With over 640,000 headbands donated already, this scarf connects you to a community of love and joy!

October 2018 Brave Crate Wallet

More Gratitude Bath Salts by Naive Necessities

Want less attitude and more gratitude? No problem. Relax and rejuvenate with the simple goodness of natural mineral salts loaded with magnesium, potassium, zinc and more. Made with the sweet scents of basil, sage and mint- simply add 1-4 tablespoons in your warm bath to create a sanctuary of peace from any day that makes you feel less than grateful!

October 2018 Brave Crate Hustle Card

Surprise Party Snacks by Legally Addictive

Find gratitude by celebrating ANY moment with these delicious cracker cookies! Salty, sweet, chocolaty and crunchy! The combination never fails. Made with a crispy combination of a cracker, salted handmade toffee, ethically sourced chocolate and topped with sea salt and sprinkles, the combination results in one of the best tastes known to mankind.

October 2018 Brave Crate Classy Broads Coffee

Cozy Slipper Sock Set

It’s easy to forget the simple joy of staying in. These cozy slipper socks make us grateful for every night at home with their soft plush lining and adorable grey cable knit. Slip-resistant and super cozy, we’re thankful for every moment we can cuddle up!

Goal Digger Tote Bag by Joy & Chaos

Simple Social Selfie Stick

We know you’re making some memories while counting down the homecoming- but we also know how hard it can be to capture those moments when you’re the only one behind the camera. Get in the picture and capture the beautiful memories you’re making with this adjustable selfie stick- perfect for capturing each smile and remembering what you’re so thankful for this month!

October 2018 Brave Crate Calendar

GRATEFUL Bangle by Pretty Simple

While the world is focused on giving thanks this month, those of us on the homeside can feel a little less than joyful while we move toward the holiday season while missing our partner. This gorgeous silver bangle is your daily reminder to recognize and remember all of the beauty around you that’s there to be grateful for!

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