5 Side Hustles for Military Spouses
September 2018 Brave Crate Military Spouse Side Hustle
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It’s not a secret that military spouse under and unemployment is a hot topic in our community.

Having a side hustle can help bring in some extra cash, build skills, and potentially build a successful business.

It’s easier said than done though, right? Not necessarily!

Take what you’re already good at and love doing, and turn it into a side gig!

(Be sure to research local regulations to make sure you’re following all rules!)

Here are 5 Side Hustles for Military Spouses.

(These can ALL be listed on OakTree Gig Network, the local and virtual gig network for the military spouse community! OakTree is relaunching soon and will allow military spouses to connect online to hire each other for these local and virtual gigs. It’s where you can Discover Homefront Flair!)

  1. Photography: Great photos are a must these days! There are typically several talented milspouse photographers nearby, and there is always a need for great photos. I always hire a fellow military spouse when I need a photographer.
  2. Food Services: Baking, Cooking, Meal Delivery, Catering, Meal Prep
    If you enjoy baking, cooking, or even meal prepping, these are fantastic services to offer!
  3. Sewing Services: Teach classes, offer alterations, make custom costumes and make custom clothing. If you’re like me, you have no clue how to sew on a button (yes, I’ve gone 36 years and have never sewn anything in my life!) I would love to take a sewing class to make something on my own (think wine and painting kind of classes – ok maybe not wine with sewing and needles – yikes! – but you get the idea.). This might even open up upholstery opportunities and more!
  4. Graphic Designer: If you’re starting out, what a great way to build your portfolio and reputation – share your services with fellow military spouses. With the number of military spouse entrepreneurs growing rapidly, there is always a need for graphic design services.
  5. Virtual Assistant: Virtual Assistants can offer a plethora of services, from responding to emails, to creating and sending newsletters to project management to bookkeeping. The list is virtually endless! If you’re just starting out, put your skills to use and start by offering your services to volunteer organizations and small businesses to build your portfolio.

The great thing about side gigs is that it’s totally up to you what you want to offer.

If you dress up like a fairy tale princess and can be hired for birthday parties, there’s your side gig. If you’re a singer/songwriter, there are podcasts popping up every day – they might need a jingle for their new podcast! Do you love dogs and cats? Set Up a pet sitting side gig! Are you extremely organized? Share your organizing skills! Are you excellent at designing invitations for events? There’s your gig!

If you can dream it, you can do it.



Britni Miltner- Oaktree Gig Network

Britni is originally from Atlanta and graduated from Auburn University in 2004 with a degree in Entrepreneurship and Family Business. She has been with Gables Corporate Accommodations since 2006 and has held several roles during those years. Britni has been a Navy spouse since 2007, a mom since 2015, and is a self-proclaimed “Expert Googler” and seasoned Networker.

In 2017, Britni created OakTree Network, which is a website and android app. It’s THE Local and Virtual gig network for the military spouse community.  

Britni is active in several groups within the military spouse community, and over the years has served as spouse club president, treasurer, social chair, and a member of the events committees.

In April 2018, Britni became co-host of MilSpouse CoffeeHouse Podcast for military spouses.

Her passions include: doing something about the milspouse under/ unemployment issue, yoga,  ghost stories, live music, Auburn football, Atlanta, Savannah, and making memories with new friends and loved ones.