April Brave Crate- April Showers ☔️

Everything Inside of the APRIL Brave Crate!!!


goal digger

It can be hard for me to find the energy and motivation to celebrate life’s milestones while my spouse is deployed. But when I dig past the exhaustion, the loneliness and (to be honest) the guilt of celebrating while my loved one is deployed. I remember that finding joy in life’s milestones (big and small) is essential for those of us who are determined not to wish away the days during deployment.

This month Brave Crate is celebrating two full years of counting down deployments with military spouses around the country, and we’re taking our own advice by making intentional time to honor the moment with our Celebrate themed box . This months box includes some of our favorite brands featured in Brave Crate throughout the past year.

October 2018 Brave Crate Get Financially Naked

Deployment Succs Coasters by LoveCatherineNoel

Just like a succulent- our tribe thrives in tough conditions! This gorgeously hilarious coaster set from milspouse-owned LoveCatherineNoel reminds us not to take this season too seriously.

October 2018 Brave Crate Wallet

Rejoice in the Rain Necklace by Gutsy Goodness

Deployment can teach us to seek out the beauty in the storms. This beautiful bronze and glass vintage-style necklace is the perfect way to lift your spirits on those days that you need a little reminder to dance in the rain of deployment. (

October 2018 Brave Crate Hustle Card

Chip Zel Pop by Funky Chunky

Salty, crunchy, sweet- it’s time to treat yo’self! This decadent snack combines butterly caramel popcorn with salty chocolate covered chips and pretzels for a satisfyingly sweet crunch that’s snacking-goals. ($3)

October 2018 Brave Crate Classy Broads Coffee

Cantaloupe Donut Bath Bomb by Garb2art

Difficult deployment day? Pull out this fun donut bath-bomb and give yourself a moment of peace! Skip the shower and set aside some time for a long warm bath with this bomb, hand pressed with epsom salt and shea butter!

Goal Digger Tote Bag by Joy & Chaos

Microfiber Hair Towel Wrap by Ivy Olivia

No time to blow dry after your shower? No problem! You’re doing all-the-things while you count down to homecoming, and your new Hair Towel Wrap is here to take THAT thing off your to-do list! Simply wrap, twist and enjoy your morning while your hair quickly dries in this adorable purple microfiber wrap!

October 2018 Brave Crate Calendar

Sunshine Postcard by Olive Fox Design

Care packages are great… but sometimes all our partner needs is a quick love note. Remind your deployed loved one that even though this season may feel a bit stormy, they’re your ray of sunshine in the midst of it all! Pre-stamped to make it simple, take just a few moments to add your words of encouragement and drop it in the mailbox to deliver an unexpected dose of encouragement that they can keep with them until homecoming!