December Brave Crate: All Is Calm

Everything Inside of the December Brave Crate!!


Brave Crate August 2019

The holiday season is officially here, and for those of us counting down deployment it can feel a little bitter sweet. The lights, the family, the traditions- they’re beautiful, but are often tinged with the fact we’re missing our loved one who is so far away. If we distract ourselves by getting caught up in the hustle and bustle of planning, shopping and decorating it can be easy to miss the joy of this season by leaving ourselves overwhelmed and stressed out.

This month, Team Brave Crate is taking a step back from the holiday stress and instead finding a bit of peace and happiness- reminding ourselves that even as we count down we can find a moment where All Is Calm. So, even as we send holiday care packages and plan for all that this season holds, we hope that everything inside of this month’s Brave Crate inspires you to make space for quiet and comfort in the next weeks of your deployment countdown.

Brave Crate August 2019 Letter Board

Essie Nail Polish in "Let it Bow"

Don’t skip the celebration during deployments! This crisp white glitter polish is the perfect accessory to any holiday outfit! Pair it with your favorite festive colors as a top coat, or use it on it’s own for a sheer shimmer that feels like a light winter flurry!

Brave Crate August 2019 Bath Flowers

Charcoal & Turmeric, Beetroot Face Masks by Peace Love & Sparkle Beauty

DIY your spa night (because nothing says calm like a face mask) Sprinkle out a small amount of either of these clarifying face masks and mix with a few drops of water to create a face mask of your preferred consistency. Leave on for 10-15 minutes and enjoy some calming holiday tunes while you wait to rinse!

Chocolate Chunk Cookies by Goodie Girl

Papaya Yuzu Infused Buffer by Spongelle

Deployment countdown self care: covered! This luxurious body wash infused buffer cleanses, exfoliates, hydrates AND massages. If the holiday season of your countdown has you a bit stressed, add some calm when you let the scents of Papaya and Yuzu transport you away from the craziness and straight to your own tropical paradise!

Brave Crate August 2019 Protein Bites

Double Truffle Hot Chocolate by Rabbit Creek

The perfect way to unwind at the end of a tough deployment day- mix up a cup of this rich and creamy hot chocolate! Warm your favorite milk inside of your favorite milk, and add 2 tablespoons of this perfectly sweet holiday favorite. Sip slowly and bask in a moment of calm!

Brave Crate August 2019 Journal

Keep Me Warm Pom Pom Beanie by Blue Revival

What’s warm, fluffy and cozy all over? This super stylish pom pom beanie from Blue Revival! No need to shiver in the chilly winter months, just throw on this uber-soft beanie before you head out and you’ll be feeling nothing but calm vibes all season long.

Brave Crate August 2019 Heart Kit

Open When Cards by Wetshouse

Send some love to your deployed partner with these customizable Open When Cards! The gorgeous printed cards are durable enough to endure the deployment season and make it back home with your loved one. Set aside some time for a quiet writing time, and create a set this month!

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