June Brave Crate: Connect
June 2018 Brave Crate

Everything Inside of the June Brave Crate!

Everything Inside of the April Brave Crate

It can be tempting to simply stay busy during deployments.  To keep ourselves moving so quickly that the days fly past us.  But sometimes, when we move that fast, we end up missing what matters most- the opportunity to connect.

This month your Brave Crate includes tools and treats that you can use to connect with yourself, connect with your spouse and connect with friends  Our hope is that it inspires you this month to prioritize and find joy in the connections that make life (even deployment life) beautiful.

– Becky Hoy | Founder, Brave Crate

June Brave Crate Online Training


June Brave Crate subscribers get access to the “SELF LOVE EXPERIMENT ONLINE WORKSHOP” from author Shannon Kaiser!  This video workshop walks subscribers through each step of the book and offer additional insight and exercises to supercharge your experiment!

June 2018 Brave Crate Notes Graceful Sage

Notes for Life by Graceful Sage

Do you ever wish you had just the right way to share a smile or give someone a little pick-me-up? Whether it’s the frazzled fellow MilSpouse in Target, or a friend who needs a hand- these cards do just that- the perfect way to connect with new friends!

June 2018 Brave Crate Self Love Experiment Book

The Self Love Experiment

Author Shannon Kaiser walks you through a simple plan that compassionately guides you through the process of removing fear-based thoughts, so you can fall in  so you can fall in love with life and connect with yourself on a new level.

June 2018 Brave Crate Conversation Cards

Conversation Cards

Bring new life to conversations with your spouse this month using these cards from The Curiosity Project!  Each card is carefully designed to spark meaningful conversation- the perfect way to get connected with the one you love while they’re deployed!

June 2018 Brave Crate Birthday Card

Hip Hip Hooray! Birthday Card

This gorgeous card from The Little Things is the perfect way to reconnect with friends who are far away!  We’ve made it super simple with a pre-stamped envelope!

June 2018 Brave Crate Aloe Rescue Masks

Aloe Rescue Face Masks

Soothe your skin after a day in the sunshine connecting with nature using these revitalizing facial masks infused with natural aloe vera extract, phytocollagen, and vitamin e.

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