February Deployment Countdown Box: beYOUtiful ❤️

Everything Inside of the FEBRUARY Brave Crate!!

The month of cupid is here… and there’s no way to avoid it! While most of the world obsesses over hearts and chocolates, many of us on the homeside of a deployment are left wondering- should we just wish for February to fly past us?

While it can be tempting to hide away from all things V-Day, Team Brave Crate wants to encourage you to use this month as an opportunity to focus on self love in a season of separation. Even if your deployed partner can’t fill your love tank right now, we’re here to remind you that you are uniquely wonderful and beYOUtiful!

From DIY crafts to send love across the distance to self care essentials and a little something to make your loved one feel closer to home- we hope that everything inside of this month’s Brave Crate gives you something to appreciate about the Valentines Day season as you count down homecoming!

– Becky Hoy | Founder, Brave Crate

“Todays To-Do” Planner by BLOOM Daily Planners

Love Note Craft Kit from Coast DIY

Send your deployed loved one a love note that they can appreciate for the entire season! Spend some down time crafting this sponge paint Love Note and add your own note to include in your next care package!

Snickerdoodle Protein Bites by SIREN Snacks

Infinite Style Headband from Karma

You’re beautiful- no matter what kind of hair day you’re having! This stylish and versatile headband is just the thing you need to get your hair out of your face and looking great.  Wear it thick or thin, and pull forward for a last-minute mask option when needed!

Awapuhi Loofah Soap by Maui Soap Co.

Coconut Lip Treatment & Coconut Lip Balm from SouthMane

Get those lips homecoming kiss ready with this two-part lip system! Use your coconut lip treatment for an ultra-moisturizing overnight lip revival and follow up with the refreshing scent of mint each morning to keep your lips hydrated all day long! Use daily and you’ll be set for the best. kiss. ever. at homecoming!

Tiny Planner Stickers by STICKO

Love Me Necklace from Broken Record Boutique

Don’t opt-out of the Valentine vibes just because of deployment- instead, add a little shinet o your style with this heart pendant necklace from Broken Record Boutique! Wear it daily during deployment as a reminder to make time for self love, and of all the ways your heart is preparing to greet your deployed partner at homecoming!

Chaos Coordinator Baseball Cap

Cooler Cookies from Byrd

V-Day vibes always calls for a special treat (so we’ve sent one just for you, just in case your deployed partner can’t!) Simple ingredients of flour, sugar, and eggs create a timeless dessert reminiscent of the Southern classic, chess pie. Blending tart and sweet flavors, this bite-sized lemon cookie is coated in powdered sugar bursting with sweet citrus!

Ceramic Spoon Rest by TWINE

Pillow Mist from FreedomFound Co

No more wasting your man’s cologne on your pillow case! This organic rosewater pillow mist moisturizes your skin while you sleep! Unlock the sprayer at the top of your bottle by turning the notch, spray 1-2 bursts about a foot away from your pillow case and sheets, then relax as the transcendent aroma of Aqua Di Gio cologne lulls you into a comfortable slumber reminiscent of cuddling with your one and only.

Tiny Planner Stickers by STICKO

Good Vibes Good Life by Vex King

If deployment teaches us anything- it’s the importance of Self Love- and mindset coach Vex King is here to inspire us to take massive action toward self love as we count down together. Learn to turn negative emotions into positive ones, overcome fear and love yourself in any season! A must-read for milspouses on the home side!

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