May 2019 Brave Crate: Seasoned Spouse
May 2019 Brave Crate

Everything Inside of the May Brave Crate!!!


May 2019 Brave Crate 1

Deployments are hard for everyone, but the more you go through, the more coping strategies you learn along the way. This month’s box was curated by an experienced military spouse who has gone through 7 deployments!

Lizann Lightfoot, creator of, is a Marine Corps wife and mom of four (going on five) kids. She has been with her husband since before Boot Camp, so she has gone through deployments in many seasons- without kids, with multiple kids, and she even gave birth alone during one deployment.

She now runs an encouraging blog and support group for military loved ones. Her strength and positive attitude is an inspiration, which is why we asked her to send her favorite products for navigating deployment to you in this months Brave Crate.

Along the way, Lizann has learned to get through deployments by taking care of herself and finding moments of peace in busy days. She handpicked everything in this month’s box to encourage you through your deployment countdown! Whether it’s your first deployment or your fifth, she hopes you find the patience and courage of a Seasoned Spouse!

May 2019 Brave Crate Tea

Blooming Tea by PinkyUp

Everyone needs relaxing moments during deployment, and a cup of tea is one of my favorite ways to relax and refresh. It’s Perfect for an extra boost of deployment encouragement. This tea is as beautiful as it is delicious! Find more Pinky Up at Hello Rosie Co.– a military spouse owned company!

May 2019 Brave Crate Mug

“You Got This” Mug with vintage design by The Rosie Project

People have called my Deployment Masterclass their daily dose of “You’ve Got This” No matter what deployment throws your way, you can handle it with support from other military spouses. The design was inspired by one of my favorite shops from the past- The Rosie Project. We’re honoring their incredible work by featuring this design one last time. So brew some coffee, or use it for wine, and remind yourself that whatever happens today, You’ve Got This!

May 2019 Brave Crate Love Languages Book

The Five Love Languages- Military Edition by Gary Chapman

Communication during deployment is always a struggle, but this book was a huge breakthrough for my husband and me during deployment. I think every military couple should read it! It will help you learn how to communicate better and continue to feel connected, even across the distance. Best of all, this print edition comes with a digital download, which you can share.

May 2019 Brave Crate Deployment Chocolate

Emergency Chocolate from Hershey’s

We all have bad days during deployment, so everyone needs an emergency chocolate stash to help them deal with the crazy things that the deployment curse brings. I grew up near Hershey, PA, so this is my favorite chocolate, and my go-to pick me up when I’m having a rough day. Save this for a rough day, and know that each chocolate comes with a virtual hug from me too!

May 2019 Brave Crate Care Package

“Stars and Stripes” Care Package Kit by Countdowns and Cupcakes

I love to send care packages to my husband during deployment, but I confess I’m not very creative or crafty. That’s why I love these stickers from my milspouse friend Rachel of Countdowns and Cupcakes. She is an expert in all things care package related, and is a featured speaker in my Deployment Masterclass! Use this to decorate a package for Memorial Day, 4th of July, or any time. Fill it with pairs of snacks or treats that go together like Stars and Stripes!

May 2019 Brave Crate Lotion

Pomegranate Whipped Body Lotion by Yippee & Co

Self-care is important during deployment. You can’t take care of others if you aren’t taking care of yourself. But as a busy mom, I often forget to put myself first. This whipped lotion has become my daily reminder to take care of myself. Keep it on your night stand or dresser, and use it to combat dry skin all summer. Let it be your daily reminder to take care of yourself, because you are important!

May 2019 Brave Crate Online Training


Are you ready to make this summer COUNT while you countdown deployment?
This free training will focus on the unique challenges of going through deployment in the summer, including childcare challenges, bucket lists, family travel, and more. We will provide live video training, printables, and fun prizes! Join our group of over 1,500 significant others all going through a deployment together, to get the support and encouragement you need!

During our May deployment countdown, Brave Crate subscribers are joining Lizann Lightfoot- blogger, author and founder of for a week-long online intensive that will leave you with a clear plan for tackling summer plans during deployment!

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