November 2019 Brave Crate: Jo, My Gosh!
November 2019 Brave Crate

Everything Inside of the November Brave Crate!!!


November 2019 Brave Crate 1

Hi! I’m Jo from Jo, My Gosh!— a military lifestyle website I started when my husband was deployed to Afghanistan. I was virtually clueless about military life and had no idea what to expect. (Maybe you know that feeling, too!) I began writing about my life and what I was learning and found out that many military spouses and significant others really, truly wanted a place of community, too. It’s been an absolute blast creating one of those spaces for military spouses and significant others through Jo, My Gosh!

This month, I’ve curated your Brave Crate! I’m thrilled because I know first-hand how important mail can be. When John was deployed, I sent him a bunch of care packages (you can see the good, the bad, and the ugly on Jo, My Gosh!) and I wrote him a letter every day he was gone for a year. I lived for the days I found a letter from him in my mailbox.

Here’s what I know: You are strong and brave and you can absolutely do this. (And you should totally eat that cookie dough or drink that glass of wine.) November is going to be a ton of fun. Let’s do this!


November 2019 Brave Crate Headphones

Rose Gold Wireless Headphones by Westhouse

When my husband deployed, I slipped Open When letters into his luggage hoping he’d use them throughout the year when he needed a morale boost. Little did I know that he’d keep every, single one after he opened them. Use these stylish Open When cards from miilspouse-owned Westhouse to create your own points of connection with your spouse during this deployment.

Gold Gel Peel-off Face Mask by Revele

Fringed Infinity Scarf

I have a few accessories that I only use on tough days becase they’ll brighten my mood– a bracelet from John, a scarf from a trip to France, shoes that just make me happy. Being intentional about choosing something special to wear can change my day. Keep this infinity scarf handy to add a little extra pizazz to your day… especially on the days that you’re just not feeling your best.

November 2019 Brave Crate Charger

Phone Charging Bank

Word of advice: Never come between a military spouse or significant other and their phone. It will not end well. That’s why one of my deployment must-haves is a portable charger. Keep one (or two… or ten) in your bag so you never feel the heart-stopping panic of your phone dying while you’re waiting for a call from overseas. Been there, done that. Cried afterwards.

November 2019 Brave Crate Armband

Armband Phone Holder

During deployment, it never feels like you have enough hands. Free up one of yours by using this phone holder. Use it to totally crush your next fitness milestone on your bucket list, make life easier when you take your dog for a walk, or play your favorite tunes while you’re cleaning. The possibilities are endless… and with this phone holder, you’re always available for the calls and texts you’ve been waiting for.

November 2019 Brave Crate Coffee

Shoofly Pie Coffee by Swatara Coffee Co.

Not many coffee shops have their origins in Afghanistan, but ours does. When John was downrage, he began dreaming of opening a coffee shop. Five years later, we made that dream a reality and opened Swatara Coffee Co. in my home town. Pull out your favorite mug, brew a cup of Shoofly Pie Coffee, and pull out your Deployment Bucket List. Let’s conquer the day!

November 2019 Brave Crate Pens

Precision Pens by American Crafts

A great pen that writes well is super motivating. These pens make me want to write to-do lists, letters, and notes. Make sure you have these pens handy for writing out those Westhouse Open When cards… and when we meet online for my Deployment Bucket List master class!

November 2019 Brave Crate Online Training


Deployment Bucket List 101 with Jo from
I’m a die-hard believer in creating deployment bucket lists. I can’t wait to chat with you about them, how I’ve made them work for me, and how they can change your deployment!

Bring your awesome pen set, download and print my guide to deployment bucket lists, grab a snack or drink (Shoofly Pie coffee, anyone?), and let’s talk about all the amazing, fun stuff you want to accomplish before your sweetie comes home!

Love everything in this Brave Crate!?