November Brave Crate- Pillar Party🎉

Everything Inside of the NOVEMBER Brave Crate!!!


goal digger

After helping military spouses count down thousands of months of deployment there’s one thing we’ve learned for sure: it is always better to count down in community. Whether or not you’re surrounded by fellow military families locally, we know that there’s power in connecting with and learning from others who are counting down along side of us- and the online world gives us a great way to do it!

This month, Brave Crate is celebrating the third annual PILLAR- Digital Retreat for Deployment Countdowns. This 3 day event is designed to create space for military spouses everywhere to join together to learn, share, and support one another during countdown seasons. Each item in this month’s countdown box is tied to one of the exciting workshops you can expect to see at PILLAR- and we hope it inspires you to get connected at this year’s retreat! With more than 25 workshops, thousands of dollars in giveaways, and non-stop community this event will leave you inspired to make every moment of your countdown count!

October 2018 Brave Crate Get Financially Naked

Meditation Card Deck by Mindful Mix

Counting Down takes patience & intention. This simple, restorative deck of 52 cards is filled with quick exercises that are no longer than 2 minutes designed to help you center & focus through breathing, meditation & stretching. When you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or anxious during your count down use these cards to calm your body, put things in perspective, and focus your mind. Pair with: “Mindful Mornings” Session at PILLAR.

October 2018 Brave Crate Wallet

Chapters Gratitude Journal by Vertellis

Not an empty notebook with no clear direction, but a guided journal and personal coach in book format with powerful questions & inspiring stories that will spark positivity every day of your deployment journey. Pair with: “Counting Down with Self Compassion” Session at PILLAR.

October 2018 Brave Crate Hustle Card

Blakely Wallet by Sienna Mae

In a stunning light coral, this wallet has us inspired to clean out our bag AND our budget during our deployment countdown. This stylish, lightweight wallet doubles as a quick clutch and is the perfect place to keep your important cards, cash & coins! Pair with: “The Three Buckets and Your Next Deployment” Session at PILLAR.

October 2018 Brave Crate Classy Broads Coffee

Luxe Beauty Face Masks by Manna Kadar

End the day with a little luxe- this set of 5 hydrating face masks are infused with skin-loving peptides that leave skin simply glowing. Wind down & lavish your skin with a mini spa retreat from the stress of the day. Pair with: Daily “Happy Hour Live” Sessions at PILLAR.

Goal Digger Tote Bag by Joy & Chaos

Inspire Me Journal Stickers by Momenta

Add a dash of encouragement to your gratitude journal, retreat workbook, or even your countdown wall! These inspiring stickers are the perfect way to capture daily reminders of just how far you’ve come- and just how strong you are- as you count down! Pair with: “Real Talk: Little Ones and Deployment” Session at PILLAR.

October 2018 Brave Crate Calendar

Magic Spoons by Melville Candy Company

We’re seriously mixing up our morning coffee chat at this year’s PILLAR retreat! Dip a spoon into your favorite coffee, tea, or hot chocolate to add a touch of Pumpkin Spice or Salted Caramel then sit back and chat with your new PILLAR friends to kick off each morning. Pair with: Daily “Coffee with Co-Hosts” Sessions at PILLAR.