October 2018 Brave Crate: Hustle

Everything Inside of the October Brave Crate!!!


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Nothing is guaranteed during deployments…except that your budget is going to see some changes! This opportunity to access our own financial resilience is one of the many lessons deployments have to offer us.

This month our tribe is focused on all things hustle!  We’ll be defining our financial goals, dreaming of our financial futures, and exploring the unique financial opportunities that deployments can present.  Whether you’re balancing your first budget or building a business while your spouse is abroad, we’ve got the tools, treats and expert tips to help you move forward. 

With a little bit of planning and a whole lot of hustle, deployment can be a season that frees your family financially!  I hope that everything inside this months Brave Crate inspires you to hustle hard and crush those financial goals!

Check out everything inside of the October “HUSTLE” Brave Crate!

October 2018 Brave Crate Get Financially Naked

Get Financially Naked by Marisha Thakor and Sharon Kedar

This inspiring, action-oriented guide helps women in committed relationships understand and manage their money matters. Complete with charts, graphs, case studies, and tip-based advice, this straightforward guide helps women clear up confusion, state the truth, develop a plan, and create a happy home!

October 2018 Brave Crate Wallet

Mandala Print Three-Section Wallet by Riah Fashion

Keep all that cash that you’re generating and saving during deployment organized in style with this mandala print three-section wallet by Riah Fashion.  We love that it includes multiple sections for dividing debit, credit and reward cards, as well as multiple  cash-stashing spots for dividing and planning expenses. 

October 2018 Brave Crate Hustle Card

Stay Humble Hustle Hard Laptop Sticker

If we’re honest, we know that a lot of our money choices are made while sitting in front of our favorite financial tool… the computer!  This modern vinyl laptop sticker fits perfectly below your keyboard to remind us to make wise financial choices whenever we can!  

October 2018 Brave Crate Classy Broads Coffee

Susie Blend by Classy Broads Coffee

Don’t lose your steam!  This single-origin medium roast is the perfect way to supercharge your deployment hustle on those days when it’s just a little tough to get motivated.  We love that the Susie Blend embraces women who hustle- it’s 100% military spouse-owned and 100% woman produced in Honduras!

Goal Digger Tote Bag by Joy & Chaos

Renew & Restore Bubbling Bath Salt by Yipee & Co.

Especially during deployments- it can be easy to hustle so hard that we forget to relax and reward ourselves!  This luxurious floral bath salt is military spouse-owned & created, and is the perfect way to treat yo-self for all those wise money moves you’re making!

October 2018 Brave Crate Calendar

Hustle Until Homecoming To-Do List by Oak Street Designs

Nothing throws off a financial plan quite like a forgotten task, project or expense.  It’s always more expensive to manage an emergency or last-minute need than it is to plan ahead.  Keep on top of all your to-do items during deployment with this “Hustle Until Homecoming” to-do list so you can save, plan and avoid those last minute added expenses!

October 2018 Online Training Brave Crate

October Subscribers get access to the “Deployment & Money” webinar from  Kate Horrell – Military Finance Coach! Deployment can be a great opportunity to improve your financial situation. Whether you’re paying off debt, saving for a specific goal, or maxing out those retirement accounts, Kat’es shares all the financial pros and cons of deployments and money, including what will happen when you file your taxes next year!

Kate is a Navy spouse, mom to four teenagers, and an expert in the unique financial challenges of military families. She provides education, guidance, and encouragement so that military families can be confidently prepared for wherever life takes them.

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