September 2018 Brave Crate: Sleep Tight

Everything Inside of the September Brave Crate!!!


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One of my greatest challenges during deployment is often falling asleep.  While my husband is abroad, every aspect of my bedtime routine is thrown off, so during his first deployment I developed some pretty terrible sleep habits.  

Whether I was staying awake until 1am watching Netflix, or waking up at 3am for a quick skype call, my sleep suffered.  I quickly realized that when my sleep suffers, so does everything else I’m dreaming of doing during deployment.

This month our tribe is focused on getting the rest we need to chase after our deployment dreams.  Our hope is that this month’s Brave Crate will help you to craft a brand new bedtime routine that will renew you each morning during deployment.  

When our body and minds are rested we are able to capitalize on this season and make the most of the moments we have as we prepare for homecoming!

Check out everything inside our “Sleep Tight” Brave Crate from September!!

Charm Necklace by Gutsy Goodness

Read ‘em and Sleep by Nick Mosca

Mindfulness-Based Insomnia Relief!  Based on the principles of mindfulness meditation, each peaceful chapter begins with a mindful quote, invokes transcendental themes, and is stimulation-free.  This sleep book invites you to choose from sleepy scenarios to meet your unique bedtime needs. 

September 2018 Brave Crate POstcard Pillow

Pillowtalk DIY Postcard Pillowcase

If WE miss having time for “pillow talk” before bed, we know our spouses do too! Designed exclusively for Brave Crate subscribers, this DIY pillowcase is the perfect way to send some “pillow talk” to your spouse during deployment!

September 2018 Brave Crate Package

Marvy Fabric Markers in Pastel

Fill your “Pillow Talk” DIY Postcard Pillow with love notes, encouragement and wishes for sweet dreams with these Fabric Markers from Marvy!  Create your own design and add a message to be read by your spouse each night before bed while they’re deployed.  

September 2018 Brave Crate Tea

Chammomile Apple Tea by Story of My Tea

This blend of loose leaf tea is a perfect way to relax after a long day.  The chamomile is blended with cinnamon and apple to create a blend that is balanced and sweet.  Brew just 1 tsp of tea for 5-6 minutes, and relax with a book or chat with a friend before drifting off to sleep.  

September 2018 Brave Crate Sleep Mask

“Dreaming of Deployment” Sleep Mask by Paper Plane

Dive into deep sleep with this comfy 100% cotton sleep mask that blocks light while also telling everyone exactly what you’re dreaming of so that they know not to wake you!  We took a wild guess about what you’re dreaming of- show us your sleep mask selfie and let us know if we were right!

September 2018 Brave Crate Calendar

Online Training!

September Brave Crate subscribers get access to the “8 Steps to Better Sleep” webinar by Ronee Welch- founder of Sleeptastic Solutions!  owner of Sleeptastic Solutions. She is a certified pediatric and adult sleep consultant, nutrition coach, lactation counselor, infant massage educator, and parenting coach. She is also the Eastern Regional Director (USA) for the Association of Professional Sleep Consultants (an international organization). Throw on your PJ’s, grab a cup of tea, and learn 8 steps you can take to see an improvement in your sleep TONIGHT!

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