September 2019 Brave Crate: Sweet Dreams
September 2019 Brave Crate

Everything Inside of the January Brave Crate!!


September 2019 Brave Crate 1

There’s tired… and then there’s deployment tired. While you countdown to homecoming there are plenty of reasons that you may not be getting through sleep to keep your body well-rested. Between the overwhelm of a deployment-level-busy-schedule and the difficulty of sleeping without the one we love next to us, it’s no surprise that so many of us site “trouble sleeping” as our top challenge during deployments.

But- from one formerly sleep-deprived military spouse to another: it does not have to be that way! This month the Brave Crate community is getting our sleep routines in check with our Sweet Dreams theme!

Whether you’re struggling to relax, missing your spouse or just getting lost in the Netflix-vortex at bedtime, this box is filled with what we need to create bedtime habits that help us drift into dreamland. I hope that everything inside this months Brave Crate inspires you to wake up refreshed and crush your deployment countdown goals!

– Becky Hoy
Founder, Brave Crate

Charm Necklace by Gutsy Goodness

STUD candle by Freedom Found Co.

If you’ve ever worn your spouse’s shirt during deployment because it “smelled like them” this candle is for you! Get through those missed pre-bed-time cuddle moments with this wood wick candle. Smells like: Channing Tatum, Aqua Di Gio, Cedar and Leather

September 2019 Brave Crate Pillowcase

“Pillow Talk” DIY Pillow Case

If WE miss having time for “pillow talk” before bed, we know our spouses do too! Designed exclusively for Brave Crate subscribers, this DIY pillowcase is the perfect way to send some “pillow talk” to your spouse during deployment!

September 2019 Brave Crate Eye Pillow

Lavender Aromatherapy Eye Pillow by Celestial Sews

Struggle to “turn off” at the end of the day? Try this aromatherapy eye pillow, filled with a generous combination of natural dried lavender buds and whole flax seeds. Heat it up or chill it before you spend a few moments enjoying the relaxing aroma of lavender. Definitely our favorite way to end a long day!

September 2019 Brave Crate Markers

Acrylic Paint Markers

Access your inner-artist with these brilliant paint markers. Perfect for glass, wood, canvas, stone and fabric (like your DIY Pillow Case!) These super vibrant markers can take on even your most ambitious deployment projects. Can’t sleep? Try crafting instead!

September 2019 Brave Crate Tea

Reusable Drawstring Tea Bags by Miscellaneous Magick & Chammomile Spice Tea by Story of my Tea

Wanna feel SUPER grown up? Take some time to brew a cup of loose leaf tea- it takes a few extra moments but is a perfect bedtime ritual. These drawstring tea bags from Miscellaneous Magick are the perfect size for a single cup of tea, and can be rinsed and reused for future cups!

This loose leaf tea was LITERALLY made for bed time! With Egyptian chamomile and peppermint, you’ll be soothed and uplifted with every single sip. This tea is caffeine-free and slightly sweet with an earthy aroma.

September 2019 Brave Crate Sticker

Vinyl “home.front” sticker from Home Front Goods

Pop this on your Yeti or laptop! These stickers are the perfect way to celebrate all the ways you’ve grown during deployment. Printed on durable, high opacity adhesive vinyl – they’re perfect for regular use, as well as for covering other stickers or paint. The high-quality vinyl ensures there are no bubbles when applying the stickers, and the stickers can be used both indoors and outdoors.

September 2019 Brave Crate Online Training


Join sleep consultant Melissa Griffing of Rested Roots Sleep Consulting for a live training that will leave you ready for bed! In this live training, Melissa will debunk sleep myths and share her expert insight to demystify sleeping habits at all ages!

Learn to sleep well- starting tonight- with actionable routines that will take you from stressed-out to lights-out!

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