September Brave Crate- Calm & Collected 😌

Everything Inside of the SePTEMBER Brave Crate!!!


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During deployment seasons I sometimes find my mind racing, my thoughts scattered, and my time running away from me. Between the stress of being separated from my loved one and the added responsibility of managing a two-adult household solo, it can be hard to keep anything straight. In these busy and overwhelming moments, I notice that my self care routines and making time for reflection are the first areas that I ditch.

What I’ve learned each time this happens is that creating and learning to sustain daily routines to keep my mind, my body, and my space well cared for makes everything else feel just a little less terrible as I wait for homecoming. This month the Brave Crate community is focused on staying Calm and Collected with carefully curated tools to create routine, make time for relaxation, reflect deeply, and stay streamlined. We hope that this month’s countdown box inspires you to prioritize yourself, your space, and your spirit as you count down to homecoming!

October 2018 Brave Crate Get Financially Naked

Goddess Pomegranate Bath Bombs by Manna Kadar

Crazy day of counting down? Get cool, calm and collected with these brilliantly scented bath bombs combining the relaxation of aromatherapy with rich skin soothing ingredients. Add one to warm water, relax and enjoy to turn your bath time into a mini retreat that soothes the soul!

October 2018 Brave Crate Wallet

Moroccan Rose Superfood Facial Oil by Dr. Botanicals

Nothing says “I’ve got my stuff together” quite like a stellar skincare routine- and even if your homecoming countdown has you running on empty, this is one skincare habit you won’t be tempted to skip! This Moroccan Rose infused Facial oil is packed full of minerals and vitamins, all working together to rejuvenate, renew and protect skin. Rich in antioxidants and moisturizing properties to keep your skin protected and hydrated when it needs it most.


October 2018 Brave Crate Hustle Card

Buttery Cherry Tart from Scrumptious

Sometimes getting back to center and calming the mind requires a taste of something scrumptious- but who really has time for all that baking? Ditch the messy bowls and baking gear, and treat yourself with a homestyle cherry fruit tart wrapped in a buttery crust. Quiet the mind, savor, and let the stress of the day melt away for just a moment. Save it as a special treat (if you can!) on a day you need it most in the next month of your countdown!

October 2018 Brave Crate Classy Broads Coffee

Make Today Amazing Bullet Journal from Paper House

120 pages of dot-lined possibility wrapped in a gorgeous gold-foil embossed cover, and ready to capture your brilliance! If you’ve tried every planner and journal, and still find yourself searching for one you can stick with- this bullet journal is for you! Create the perfect daily, weekly, or monthly layouts that can inspire and encourage you to make every moment count as you count down to homecoming.

Goal Digger Tote Bag by Joy & Chaos

Brilliant Color BUJO Pen Set from Bazic

Add a pop of color to your bullet journal adventure with 10 brilliant ballpoint pens crafted for smooth ink flow in every shade you could need! Use these vibrant colors to add style, fun and an organized feel to your favorite bujo layout to keep every journal entry of your countdown fresh and exciting!

October 2018 Brave Crate Calendar

Free Your Spirit Catch All Tray from Karma

Calming the mind and collecting our thoughts can be as simple as reorganizing our space. When tiny trinkets are scattered around our places of solitude, the chaos and clutter can quickly push us into overwhelm mode- especially when we’re already stressed in this deployment season. Add a touch of beauty and inspiration as you organize your space with this encouraging catch-all tray, perfect for all the little baubles, rings, and random pieces that just don’t have a home!

Goal Digger Tote Bag by Joy & Chaos

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