July 2019 Brave Crate: Flying Solo
July 2019 Brave Crate

Everything Inside of the July Brave Crate!!!


July 2019 Brave Crate 1

Let me be honest- prioritizing time to make memories while my spouse is deployed can be a real struggle. Between the busyness of life during countdown and the stress of missing a loved one it can be tempting to let the deployment dies to fly by without seeking out new experiences. But these days are only happening once, and I know that part of the joy of our homecoming reunion will be sharing stories about the experiences we’ve had in this season of separation. So I plan the day trip, or vacation or girls night- and I remember each minute to share with the one I love later on.

This month the Brave Crate community kicks off our summer countdown by focusing on adventure and travel with our Flying Solo themed box. We’ve sent all of the essentials you need to inspire summer adventures big and small.

So go ahead- take that road trip, plan that destination weekend, or discover your city with a staycation! Whether you’re literally flying or just flying high on the adventure right where you are, I hope that everything inside this month’s Brave Crate inspires you to make this month’s deployment countdown truly count.

July 2019 Brave Crate Journal

Wild Ride Journal by Heidi Swapp

Don’t forget a moment! Track all of your adventures while you count down to homecoming with these photo books and journals. Each page is a new opportunity to beautifully document every memory.

July 2019 Brave Crate Stickers

Story Line Sticker Kit by Heidi Swapp

Make every page of your new journal a work of art with this sticker kit! With 1,120 stylish stickers including dates, descriptions and journaling inserts you can make your memories as beautiful as your adventures.

July 2019 Brave Crate Phone Case

Aztec Crossbody Phone Case by Riah Fashion

Deployment FACT: your cell phone is always attached to you- even during adventures. While you’re flying solo this summer keep your phone close by with this adorable, quick access crossbody phone case.

July 2019 Brave Crate Popcorn

Poppy Blend Popcorn by Poppy

Sweet, Salty, and Spicy all at once- this gourmet popcorn blend is the perfect travel-friendly snack. Totally portable and completely delicious, this snack-sized treat is the perfect size for your carry-on, purse or glove box. Travel snack heaven!

July 2019 Brave Crate Selfie Stick

Bluetooth Selfie Stick

Stash this portable, extendable Bluetooth selfie stick into your luggage and capture every special moment. Whether you’re exploring a new city or discovering hidden gems at home you can get that perfect shot- even if you’re flying solo!

July 2019 Brave Crate Air Freshner

“Slow Ride” Air Freshener by WIT

You don’t need to go anywhere fast- just go anywhere! Put your pedal to the metal and keep your care smelling fresh with this adorable sloth by your side. You’ll be ready for the road trip of your dreams with your vehicle filled with subtle notes of sandalwood. Deployment road trip- handled!

July 2019 Brave Crate Online Training

Join Stephanie Montague of Poppin’ Smoke for this online training where she’ll teach us how to take advantage of one of the coolest privileges we share as members of the military community: free travel with Space Available flights!

July subscribers can join us in the Facebook Group for Brave Crate Subscribers where Stephanie will demystify “space-A” travel by sharing an overview of how the process works along with a few tips specifically for spouses traveling while their sponsor is deployed!

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